3 Promising Achievements Made By LiVac in October

The LiVac Liver Retractor is a groundbreaking medical device that helps surgeons to more effectively and efficiently remove tissue during liver surgery. The device works by using suction to lift and retract the liver, allowing the surgeon to have a clear view of the operative field and providing greater access to the areas of the liver that need to be removed. In addition, the LiVac Liver Retractor significantly reduces surgical time, blood loss, and surgical complications. As LiVac’s master distributor, Junala is happy to announce 3 new significant achievements of the company!

Livac Executes an Agreement With Us Gpo Premier Inc.

LiVac and US GPO Premier Inc. have recently executed an agreement that is highly beneficial to both parties. Junala, as the master distributor, is pleased to see such success from LiVac in the United States market. This new agreement creates a wealth of opportunities for LiVac to increase its customer base.

With the national group purchasing agreement in place with US GPO Premier Inc., approximately 4,400 U.S. hospitals and 250,000 providers now have access to special pricing and terms for the LiVac Retractor System. This top-of-the-line system is perfect for endo-mechanical procedures and we are absolutely certain that hospitals and providers will be thoroughly satisfied with the results they achieve when using this product.

Livac Obtains Health Canada Approval

We are pleased to announce that the LiVac Liver Retractor has received approval from Health Canada for its Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL). This is a significant achievement for our company and we are very excited to be able to provide our products and services to our Canadian customers.

Health Canada's MDEL approval is a rigorous process that requires a detailed review of the safety and effectiveness of the device. We are proud to say that the LiVac Liver Retractor met all of Health Canada's stringent requirements and we are confident that it will provide Canadian surgeons with a safe and effective tool for performing endo-mechanical procedures.

Distributor Appointed in Portugal

We are pleased to announce that, in partnership with Junala, LiVac has appointed Endotecnia as its distributor in Portugal. Endotecnia has specialist expertise in manufacturing and distributing innovative surgical products. The company has attended training (via Zoom) with LiVac. We are looking forward to working with Endotecnica to bring our innovative products to a whole new audience.

Endotecnia is a leading manufacturer and distributor of surgical products in Portugal. The company has a long history of providing innovative, high-quality products to the medical community. We are excited to be working with Endotecnia to bring our products to the Portuguese market.

LiVac's liver retractor is a cutting-edge product that offers surgeons a number of advantages over traditional methods of liver retraction. The device is easy to use and provides patients with a more comfortable experience. We are confident that surgeons in Portugal will be impressed with the benefits our products have to offer.

We believe that this partnership will be mutually beneficial for both companies and we look forward to a long and successful relationship.

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