Latest Innovative Surgical Instruments in Quality Control

According to the World Health Organization, every year, over 234 million surgical procedures are performed worldwide. Given the enormity of the number, even a low rate of complications and death during surgical procedures could have massive implications, making surgical safety a significant global health issue.

With the rise in innovation and technology, minimally invasive surgery has fast become a preferred option for physicians, due to the potential benefits of fewer postoperative complications, shorter hospital stays, and lower costs for patients and health systems. The grade of surgical instruments is a significant concern in today’s world. Surgeons expect to be able to use products of the highest standard of quality to perform their procedures. If the priority is quality, then purchasing from reputable suppliers is crucial.

We find that many distributors are in search of manufacturers who produce standardised quality products. Chinese manufacturers offer a high-end supply across a wide range of medical products. Whilst the reputation of manufacturing in China has not always been painted in a good light, the fact is that broad brush-stroked opinion does not reflect the reality of all manufacturers in China. Nor is it consistent with the experience of the many successful importers that continue sourcing products from the region. Contrary to popular belief, Chinese manufacturers are increasingly focused on producing valuable products, developing world-renowned brands, and using sophisticated technology.

One such Chinese company is Surgitools. It has made progressive strides in recent years to produce quality-first products, and reputation to them is paramount. Surgitools strives to build a sustainable high-growth business by pursuing excellence and exceeding its customers’ expectations. The products meet EN-ISO 13485-2016 standards and have CE Certification and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

Surgitools offers economical yet first-grade laparoscopic devices, colpotomy devices and other surgical equipment. The products are precise, robust, ergonomic, and sterile disposable units. Assurance of high-quality, reliable products is what surgeons expect when performing complicated surgeries. Surgical equipment that is economical and efficient is in demand throughout all surgical-performing health facilities.

Junala is an established curator of high-end medical equipment from trusted suppliers. As such, we have co-branded with Surgitools as a reputable manufacturer to meet procedural needs.

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