LiVac Retractor

Gentle & Effective Organ Retraction

Minimal trauma. Improving patient and surgical outcomes.

CE ISO 13485

How LiVac Works

LiVac is designed with no metallic components. An optimized tool that provides the best patient experience in minimally invasive surgery including Robotics, leading to enhanced recovery after surgery.

  • Global Regulatory approvals: FDA, 510k, MDFS, TGA, CE Mark
  • Granted international patents
  • Published in high impact medical journals
  • Distributors appointed, early sales in key markets
  • Clinician testimonials: AU, Asia, EU, and US
  • Commenced US sales in 2020
  • 200+ clinical sales in US market


Key Benefits

  • The suction of the LiVac Retractor causes the liver to cohere to the diaphragm during surgery, thereby allowing access to the organs below and minimising trauma to the liver.
  • The suction tubing exits alongside existing ports, hence no additional incisions are required.
  • Liver retraction is achieved in upper gastro intestinal surgeries without additional incisions and thereby minimising trauma to the patient.
  • While the device will find broad application in multi-port laparoscopic surgeries a major benefit is that it is also especially suited to single port laparoscopic surgeries.

Competitive Advantage

The LiVac Retractor speeds up surgery, reduces liability, and decreases trauma to the organs.

Delivering a huge impact on surgeons, patients, and hospitals. It eliminates the need for multiple incisions and makes surgery less invasive with more favorable clinical outcomes increasing patient's satisfaction.


Healthcare Opportunity

Minimally invasive surgeries require the liver to be lifted to enable the access to the surgical field. That is:

  • 12 million+ procedures per annum worldwide.
  • $3.6 billion annual global market opportunity.

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